Spa Boy®

Automated Water Care System

Spa Boy® is the worlds FIRST automated spa monitoring and maintenance system, developed exclusively by, and for Arctic Spas ®.

Spa Boy® makes owning your Arctic Spa Easier than ever, tending to most spa maintenance needs.

Cutting-Edge & Exclusive to Arctic Spas

Our automated water care system, Spa Boy® represents the most important advancement to hot tubs in many years. Spa Boy® monitors and helps maintain ideal water conditions

Simply, accurately and effortlessly helps maintain ideal Spa Water conditions.

This incredible technology uses medical-grade sensors constantly to analyze key water cleanliness parameters and from this data, the Spa Boy® system precisely controls the output of our integrated salt water system, ensuring that sanitizer levels are kept in the absolute optimum range. 

Should your spa’s pH value come slightly out of balance, Spa Boy® alerts the spa owner (via the topside control panel, the app and the portal) to correct this condition. 


Spa Boy®, quite simply is game-changing – removing the only real downside left remaining to hot tubbing! So relax, enjoy your Arctic Spas to its fullest potential, and leave water maintenance to your own, personal Spa Boy®!

Clean & Balanced


A medical grade sensor measures ORP and pH for water quality. The Spa Boy® controller analyzes the data and activates the electrolytic cell when the water quality drops below the set point.

The EcoPack control system integrates Spa Boy® with the main hot tub controls and enables 2 way communication with the Arctic Spas App or via the internet.

Spa Boy®, quite simply, is game-changing


So relax, enjoy your Arctic Spas to its fullest potential, Spa Boy® makes hot tubbing easy.

You Deserve It!

Perfect Sanitizer Levels, Always


To maintain perfect sanitizer levels, Spa Boy® uses our proprietary salt water generator to automatically create sanitizer from salt water – Spa Boy® receives data from the ORP sensor to control the system, never over – or under-chlorinating, and eliminating much of the effort, and human error that is common in hot tub ownership.


Ongoing Monitoring and Reporting

The water quality data as well as additional spa operation data (operational state, amp draws, spa energy usage, errors code, etc.) is also available to our technical department, who are standing by to provide expert-level troubleshooting to your local dealer – often heading off, or completely rectifying issues before they may require a physical service.

You will never know its there…


It might be said that the main goal of Spa Boy® is for the Arctic Spa ® owner to never know it’s there.

This amazing system unobtrusively works behind the scenes ensuring your spa water is always crystal-clear, well-balanced and ready to be enjoyed – isn’t that why you wanted a spa in the first place?

Available on these Arctic Spas models!